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2:19 Logo animation
2:25 frontpage design considerations
2:57 City photo gallery
3:36 JomSocial Community Activity Feed
4:48 Add a Listing button
5:30 Custom JReview search module
6:50 International Cities
7:30 City Hub Pages (Weather, Deals, Classified's, Travel)
10:04 Local Classified & Deals sections
12:45 User Login button and logged-in user menu
13:34 User Registration
15:20 Manage listings dashboard and JReviews PaidListings
16:48 JomSocial social networking profiles
18:00 Customized listing submission form
18:23 US directory vs International directory
24:47 Small business landing page
25:15 Easyblog
26:10 User reviews
26:35 Upgrading from Joomla 2.5 to 3.x
29:50 Fixing security vulnerabilities
30:07 JSecure
31:20 CloudFlare
33:20 GTranlate for content translation
34:10 iPad and mobile custom site layouts
35:55 Popup and adcopy
37:50 SMS Text marketing ebook
38:50 Affiliate program
42:52 Hire me! About my consulting services

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